Welcome to the website of the South African Naturist Federation (SANFED)

The South African Naturist Federation (SANFED), is a voluntary, non-profit association whose primary aims are:

  • to promote the general acceptance and practicing of naturism for the wellbeing of the naturist community in South Africa;

  • to work towards the recognition of naturism as a legitimate lifestyle by all levels of government;

  • to ensure that naturism is presented creditably to all interested and otherwise concerned parties;

  • to improve the standards of naturism within the country; and to support and facilitate co-operation amongst all genuine naturist and related organizations in South Africa.
  • Because of its beautiful scenery, sunny weather and friendly people, South Africa has become a popular naturist lifestyle destination with international tourists.  A number of Naturist Resorts and Bed & Breakfast facilities affiliated to SANFED provide a good standard of accommodation.  Several of the country’s beaches offer opportunities for naturism and SANFED has an initiative in place to get some of them officially recognized as legal naturist beaches.    


    The International Naturist Federation (INF), the body that oversees naturism worldwide, defines Naturism as: “a way of life in harmony with nature expressed by the practicing of social nudity and characterized by self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment”.

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